• Pellets fuel granule

    Ash: 0,3–0,5 % Humidity: 6-8 % Calorific value: 4632 Kcal/kg Strength: 98 %

    Diameter: 6-8 мм Length: 10-40 мм

    Ideal: for all types of
    pellet boilers and fireplaces

    от 7 400 RUB/ton big bags, bags of 15-25 kg

    Order detailed
  • Briquettes Eurowood

    Ash: 0,3–0,5 % Humidity: up to 10 % Calorific value: 4869 Kcal/kg Strength: 98 %

    Length: 150 мм Width: 100 мм Height: 60 мм

    Ideal: for stoves,
    fireplaces, solid fuel boilers

    от 4 500 RUB/ton packaging 10 kg (12 briquettes)

    Order detailed

Our products are environmentally friendly biofuel

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and in Europe

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Ecological pellet heating

State policy in the field of energy is justified. The only available for most of the population the price for gas will grow. But now the cost of connecting to this gas – many are not available. Pellet heating provides a unique opportunity for Autonomous, independent heating wherever you wish.

For everybosy is not a secret the current difficult situation in the area with connections to engineering service networks (electricity and gas). Imagine how many minuses of the current situation of the land could have been avoided (at least to the high cost of land), if to be guided only by pros – picturesqueness of the site, the proximity of the forest and the river, oblivious to the odious factor – the presence of gas pipes.

Benefits of using pellets

Having Autonomous, ecological pellet heating – saving you money on cost of land, and greatly expand the freedom of choice. You finally choose the area that you really liked. One of the characteristic features of the economic efficiency of the pellet heating is a growing interest in this type of fuel, municipal utilities. The systemic crisis of the utilities seeking their permission, and finds them in new alternative energy areas, including pellet heating.

The company is actively represented on the municipal trading platforms. And the volume of sales most of the company’s customers are regional and urban heat networks, boiler-houses of settlement and social facilities.

Characteristics of pellets

  • The combustion temperature of the briquette is 1.5-2 times higher than that of firewood.
  • The burning time of the briquette more.
  • Take up less space.
  • When burning, the briquettes produce less soot, thus less polluting chimney.
  • At a cost marginally higher than wood (based on cost of 1 watt of generated heat).