Big bags

Big bags (secondhand). Over the past ten years soft containers almost completely replaced other types of containers for storage and transportation of bulk cargoes.

If you are looking for the optimal packaging for cement, sand, fertilizers and other goods, we recommend you to buy big bags in our company. Sell soft packaging can withstand weight up to 1050 kg.



The production does not use harmful substances and chemicals.


In one bag is placed up to 1.1 tons of cement, sand and other building materials.


When delivering the goods to the buyer there is a shortage of goods – bigbagy strong and reliable.

Big bag features

  • density – 180 kg / m³;
  • four-strop;
  • valve top / bottom;
  • weight of big-bag – 2,13 kg;
  • load-carrying capacity – 1050 kg +/- 5 kg;
  • dimensions – 1200 mm * 900 mm.             

Price from 250 rub / pcs.