The briquette is a solid fuel type, alternative to conventional wood or coal. They are suitable for burning in furnaces, fireplaces, solid fuel fired boilers.

The advantages of the wood briquettes before

  • the combustion temperature of the briquette is 1.5-2 times higher than wood;
  • the burning time of the briquette more;
  • occupy less space;
  • when burning, the briquettes produce less soot, thus less polluting chimney;
    at a cost marginally higher than wood (based on cost of 1 watt of generated heat).
Characteristics of the briquettes
Ash 0,3–0,5 %
Humidity до 10 %
Calorific value 4869 Kcal/kg
Length 150 мм
Width 100 мм
Height 60 мм

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От 6 000 RUB/ton

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