Wood fuel granules (pellets) – biofuels, derived from wood waste (sawdust, shavings, bark) without adding impurities.

Pellets are a relatively new type of fuel, but over the last few years take a very strong position in the fuel market.

Key benefits

  • environmentally friendly;
  • high calorific value;
  • ease of use, possibility of full automation of the combustion process;
  • accessibility, low price.

OOO “Bioteplo” implements two kinds of pellets – domestic and industrial use. The distinctive features of these two types of pellets are ash content and cost.

Characteristics Household Industrial
PelletsAsh 0,3–0,5 % 1-1,5%
Humidity 6 -8 % 6 -8 %
Calorific 4632 Kcal/kg 4632 Kcal/kg
Strength 98 % 98 %
Diameter  6-8 мм  10 мм
Length 10-40 мм  10-40 мм

Retail price in stock

От 7 000 RUB/ton Бытовые пеллеты

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